22nd August 2015 – Coupar Grange

Today was another visit to Coupar Grange Salmon Fishing with another River & Green party.  This time it was the Lau family from Hong Kong.


Above – Johnny Muller, Kathleen Lau, Peter Lau, Jason Lau, Thomas Lau and Jamie

We were the only rods on the beat today, so the Lau family had some expert tuition from Johnny Muller (Head Ghillie) and Jamie (Under Ghillie).  I have to admit Jamie is a fantastic kid, at 13 years old he’s a superb with the fly rod and I believe even better at tying flies.

We saw loads of fish (read absolutely stuffed with fish) but none caught!  Which was very surprising, Mrs Kathleen Lau had 3 fish come to the fly, but never made contact.  My thanks to Johnny and Jamie, you guys worked hard today.

Tight lines Stan