4th September 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

A much better start to the day for the Scholler’s, the River is sitting at 1ft 3 inches having dropped slightly through the night, with a light downstream breeze making the casting easier for these novices.  The Scholler’s decided to have a late start this morning, enjoying the Knockandarroch House breakfast before venturing down the Dalmarnock Fishings.

This morning we’re fishing the top of the beat, starting at the Dalmarnock Bank Pool, which in all honesty is looking fantastic, we’ve been here about an hour, haven’t seen a fish, but there is plenty of time.  With an hour or so to go before lunch I decide to take Christof Scholler down to the tail of the Dalmarnock Bank Pool, we quickly see a couple of Grilse and it doesn’t take long before the 28g Black and Gold Tiger Toby has connected with a nice Grilse of between 5 and 6lb’s.  The fish fights well in the current and after a couple of leaps and runs we’re left with a lack line!  Oh well, time to head back to the hut for lunch.

 After lunch to guys headed down to the Fernie Haugh, then onto the Ram’s Horn and The Oak Tree Pool.  We saw a couple, but unfortunately no further excitement.

A great father and son combo, really nice spending a couple of days with them and I hope they come back next year.

Tight Lines Stan

3rd September 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

Today (and tomorrow) I’m guiding on behalf of River & Green at Dalmarnock Fishings.  The guests today were a father and son team from Germany, the Scholler’s.

The Scholler’s were great company and fished hard all day, even the strong wind didn’t put them off.  We never managed a fish, but there were reports from downstream of fish moving through the system, so fingers crossed for tomorrow.


Tight Lines Stan


2nd September 2015

Its been a busy time recently, so I’m looking forward to a couple of days guiding for River & Green at Dalmarnock Fishings tomorrow.

Today has been full of paperwork and preparation, so we’re good to go tomorrow.  Hire rods ready and built up, waders, jackets etc. loaded into the car, so it’s an early start tomorrow morning.  Meet the guests at the hotel, then arrive in time for a coffee and chat with Colin.

Tight Lines Stan

27th August 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

It was a strange day at Dalmarnock Fishings, with the river coming up about 3ft during the day.  But, as usual I had great fun looking after Iain Whale from Durham.

Colin’s other guests managed a couple of fish, so there were a few about, but unfortunately Iain never managed to connect.

It was a great day and I’m sure Iain enjoyed it and I saw a difference in his casting.

Tight Lines Stan

PS.  I’ll post the photos later (I need to crack on with a proposal for a future client).

24th August 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

Today I was very fortunate to be asked to help out at Dalmarnock Fishings with the ladies that made up the Janet Braisted Party.  A great bunch of girls, that quickly under the watching eye of Colin and myself were soon making some tidy loops across the Tay.

I’m back again tomorrow with them, so hopefully the Tay will be good to them and give up some silver, they certainly deserve it after their hard work today.  Watch this space!

Tight Lines Stan


22nd August 2015 – Coupar Grange

Today was another visit to Coupar Grange Salmon Fishing with another River & Green party.  This time it was the Lau family from Hong Kong.


Above – Johnny Muller, Kathleen Lau, Peter Lau, Jason Lau, Thomas Lau and Jamie

We were the only rods on the beat today, so the Lau family had some expert tuition from Johnny Muller (Head Ghillie) and Jamie (Under Ghillie).  I have to admit Jamie is a fantastic kid, at 13 years old he’s a superb with the fly rod and I believe even better at tying flies.

We saw loads of fish (read absolutely stuffed with fish) but none caught!  Which was very surprising, Mrs Kathleen Lau had 3 fish come to the fly, but never made contact.  My thanks to Johnny and Jamie, you guys worked hard today.

Tight lines Stan

20th August 2015 – Upper Farleyer

It was great spending the day today looking after an old friend Simon Lewis.  Simon has arranged a few days this week, today at Upper Farleyer then Dalmarnock Fishings and Lower Kinnaird.

Simon was looking for that one to one tuition, improving his casting ability ready for two days further down the Tay, so I was happy to assist.

Although no salmon were caught, I think I’ve made a high difference to his casting and I’m confident he be successful either tomorrow or Saturday.  I’m sure he’ll drop me a picture of his fish and I’ll happily oblige with posting it on here or Facebook.

Tight Lines Stan