19th August 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

So today it was Luca turn at Dalmarnock Fishings and his first ever go using a double handed fly rod.

I picked Luca up from the Rosebank House and arrived at the Beat about 09:00.  A quick chat and a coffee and we headed down to the Fernie Haugh, 15ft fly rod in hand.  I never know if it’s a blessing or a curse, but Luca had cast a single hander before and to be honest it wasn’t long before he was putting out a pretty good line.

We made slow progress through the pool as we put Luca’s casting through its paces, unfortunately we managed not even a tug.  But, I was very happy with his casting.

After lunch we headed out with a choice of rods and initially giving Luca’s casting ATM a rest, we fished with the worm and a bouncing Betty.  We were getting quite a few knocks, but I suspect these were trout!

Once fully recovered we picked up the fly rod again and tested Luca’s muscle memory and once again gave the Fernie Haugh a go.  Luca fished the pool well and to say I was disappointed is an understatement.

Thanks to River & Green, Dalmarnock Fishings and Luca, another great day with brilliant company.  Looking forward to your next visit.

Tight Lines Stan

18th August 2015 – Coupar Grange

Another fantastic day with River & Green client Luca Rainoldi at Coupar Grange Salmon Fishing.  The morning started with me collecting Luca from Rosebank House, which comes highly recommended by Luca.

We headed off to Coupar Grange and on arrival was greeted by Johnny Muller.  Johnny is some boy, very knowledgable and a great laugh and it was good sharing some stories with him!  Luca picked up a few more words today, so best not to say any more than that!

It wasn’t the best day for fishing, but Luca put a brave face on it and tried his hardest all day, switching between a Flying C and a Toby.  Unfortunately, no fish to report for Luca, but the beat did manage 4 fish today, all caught on the fly and I managed to “borrow” a fish, so that Luca had a better idea of his quarry for tomorrow at Dalmarnock Fishings.


Tight Line Stan

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14th August 2015

Good wee evening session tonight, sitting at Dalmarnock Fishings with Colin McFadyen when Fen Howieson and Andrew Sutherland popped in following a visit to the Dunkeld Fish Bar.  Nice of them to provide tea!

The four of us headed up to the top of the beat and covered The Glide, Stepps and the Dalmarnock Bank Pool.  Nothing doing, but seen a few Grilse passing through.  Should be good tomorrow, so I’ll be heading up for a cast or two.

Tight Lines Stan

31st July 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

Back at Dalmarnock Fishings today covering for Colin.  What a fantastic day, I’ll not name check everyone, but a special thanks to the team for making it a great day out and a brilliant lunch!

Neil Sinclair had a brief encounter, but otherwise we never managed a fish!!  Some superb casting was on show today by Malcolm Anderson (Caledonia Fly Company Limited), John Legg (Guide Fly Fishing), Simon Gawesworth, Brand Manager at (Rio Products) and Chris Anderson Sage Technical Service Manager, not forgetting Craig and Joyce Neilson.

photo photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6 photo7

30th July 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

Well I’d love to say another fantastic day at Dalmarnock Fishings with the Tragham Spring Syndicate, but that would upset Andrew Sutherland!  Andrew did a fantastic job hooking at cracking 12b’r in the Stepps Pool, he played it like an expert and as I was getting ready to tail it his leader snapped … Oh, I feel for him.  It happens to us all Andrew.

photo4 photo7


24th July 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

Today I’m hosting a party of friends at Dalmarnock Fishings, something I am truely looking forward too.  We’re all there a bit too early, but thankfully Colin isn’t too long behind us.


The plan was for the team to assemble at the Dalmarnock hut at 08:30!  Fen Howieson has arrived bringing with him a dozen rolls and a slab of Slice Sausage (Lorne Sausage, Square Sausage for my “non Scottish followers).  As we tackle up, Colin McFadyen (Dalmarnock Fishings Ghillie) gets to work in his kitchen preparing Breakfast.

The forecast isn’t great, dry in the morning and rain due in the afternoon, so we’ll see what happens.  The River is running at 0.75 on the SEPA website, about 2 foot above summer level on Colin gauge.  The river is beginning to settle again following the 12 foot flood last Friday, so it’s not going to be impossible, but it won’t be easy, that’s for sure.

Fen is the first tackled up and quickly heads in for breakfast (say no more)!  He’s definitely setup for Grilse, 15ft Guideline Le Cie rod, Mackenzie DTX 10/11 Floater, 10ft fast sinking poly leader fishing a Sunray Shadow, hence why I know he’s going for the Grilse.  Too be sure he’s hoping to be allocated the top of the Beat.

Next is Andrew Sutherland, 14ft Greys rod, 9/10 Rio Outbound floater, 10ft fast sinking poly leader and a size 8 Cascade, tied on a treble, he’s also thrown up his spinning rod, with a 30g Silver and Copper Salmo.  Malcolm Bennett and Simon Lewis are due up at lunchtime, at which point I’ll have a full team.

With breakfast consumed we head up to the Dalmarnock Bank Pool at the top of the Beat, Andrew is first in, heading up to the Silver Birch and starts to fish down the pool.  He’s throwing a lovely line across the pool and Fen and I sit there with the dogs while Andrew try his luck.



Once Andrew is half way down the pool, Fen jumps in at the back of him and gets the Sunray Shadow fishing.  Andrew comes out at the boat and grabs his spinning rod and starts fishing down through the Croys, the salmon appear to prefer the spinner, with Andrew getting a couple of pulls at the second croy.

Fen and I leave Andrew to continue down the pool, as we head down to Stepps, there is a really nice flow through Stepps and we’re pretty confident.  After about 30 minutes, Fen has fished through the pool and not even a tug!  Andrew has arrived now and starts to fish the pool too.  Nothing doing for Andrew, but he does see a nice running fish, hard in on the gravel bank at Stepps.

IMG_2100 IMG_2101

This is Daisy’s first trip fishing and as you can see she’s a real pleasure to fish with, running up and down the bank playing with her ball.  Unlike Mack, the barking bailiff as he’s known down in Edinburgh.  It’s time to head back, so we have a pleasant walk through the woods, Colin has got the beat looking great.



As we arrive at the Dalmarnock Bank Pool, Malcolm Bennett has already started making his way down the neck of the pool, so we sit for a while and chew the fat, then head back to the hut for a spot of late lunch.

IMG_2105 IMG_2107

Once refuelled, the troops head back up to the top of the Beat, it’s more of the same with the guys hoping that the change in light will make the difference.  Colin has joined us and because we’re all friends starts to cut the grass.


The Dalmarnock Bank Pool and Stepps are well covered, but no fish are caught by the team, thankfully as the guys start to finish and get their tackle away, the heavens open bringing an end to another fantastic fun day at Dalmarnock Fishings.

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Kinchurdy – River Spey

Some photo’s of my recent visit to Kinchurdy Fishings on the River Spey.  Good catching up with Ian from River & Green.

IMG_2016 IMG_2009 IMG_2010 IMG_2013 IMG_2014 IMG_2015

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10th July 2015 – Murthly – River Tay

Today I’m guiding on behalf of Ian Walls from River & Green, we’re at Murthly on the River Tay and my guests are 2 couples from Munich, Germany.  This is their last day in Scotland and they appear to have enjoyed their sporting break, but it’s taken it toll.  Thankfully, it’s not too early a start for me (and not far to travel either) and once I arrive at Ballathie House, I quickly realise that the full Scottish experience was achieved last nightl!  It’s a damp, dreich start to the day, but I’m feeling confident.  I have to be honest, I’d rather this type of weather than the blue clear skies and heat of a normal July day, when I have guests fishing!

Ballathie House

It has to be said that Murthly is probably one of the best beats on the Tay, all the pools and runs are ideal for fishing the fly, at both low and medium flows.  I think FishPal have summed up the beat nicely, so I’ll borrow their passage.  “The beat is set among stunning woodland scenery with impressive stands of mature Douglas Fir and other species giving the whole beat a very grand feel. There is one ghillie on the beat and one boat but much of the river can easily and safely be fished by wading, especially in low water”.

It’s a beat I know well having fished here a number of times through the years.  The beats 5 year average is 246.8 and so far this year they are sitting on 115, with 2 of these fish coming to the net yesterday.  Murthly is fished in rotation, split into the Low Water and the Top Water, it’s a Friday, so we’re fishing the Top Water.

Donald Tritton
Donald Tritton

We arrive at the beat “a little” after 9 and my old friend Donald Tritton is sitting on the balcony waiting for us, Donald has been the Ghillie here since 1985, a hugely experienced Ghillie (I don’t get to say that much these days), who happens to have a few good stories up his sleeves, some that involve me and some that don’t.  It was great seeing Donald, a lovely guy and a relationship which I had failed to maintain for a number of years, thankfully that has been re-established and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with him.  The usual greetings occur and Ian, Donald and I get the rods prepared, none of the guests are experienced anglers, so we set them up with the spinning rods.  The plan is hatched, coffee consumed and we’re off to our first pool.

Team Shot
Team Shot

The first pool we fished was The Girnel, although there was no action at the business end of the rod, the pool was absolutely stuffed with fish.  Lots of action in this pool, as the fish rolled and jumped, (it wasn’t only the fish that rolled and jumped!) you’ve no idea how much I was tempted into having a cast!

Gerrt - The Girnel
Gerrt – The Girnel

We then headed up to The Burn, this has to be my favourite pool on the beat, a fantastic pool to fish with the fly, in fact the only pool on the Tay where you see the fish boil at your fly, then you feel the bump, bump, bump.  Anya did a fantastic job of covering the pool, but again no tugs or pulls!  It was that time so we headed back to the hut for lunch at this point.

Anya - The Burn
Anya – The Burn

When we arrive back at the hut it appears Gerrt had decided to try and get a better look at the salmon in The Girnel …. he was a tad damp to say the least and commented on how cold the river was!  We had a fantastic lunch, a good laugh, but the dunking had taken it’s toll on Gerrt.  The team decided to call it a day and I took them back to Ballathie House.  I would have done the same, they’d had a hard week of sporting activities and with a flight back to Munich later they still had packing etc to do.

A great group of doctors and I look forward to seeing them on the banks of the Tay next year.

Tight Lines Stan

Beat Map – Courtesy of FishPal

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29th June 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

Today was the visit of Johnny Ross, the winner of one of the Help for Heroes prizes that Dalmarnock Fishings and I had contributed to Lucy Bowden’s auction.

What a fantastic bunch of guys, really good company and both Colin and I are delighted they had a great day and even managed a Salmon.  Well done Johnny, a cracking 8lb silver cock fish from Sowerby on a 30g copper salmo fished upstream.

Really looking forward to fishing with these guys again.  Johnny is going to send me the photo’s later.


28th June 2015 – Trout Fishing

It’s day two with Giacomo and Marco and we’re heading to Willowgate Trout Fishery for some flyfishing (pesce volante) tuition and I hope a fish or two.

My Swiss Italians were introduced to me via River & Green, so like yesterday I have arranged to meet the guys at The Tayside Hotel.  Both Giacomo and Marco haven’t fly fished before, so I have enlisted the help of my secret weapon.  In the form of Doug, a regular at this particular venue and he’s quite handy with the fly rod too!

Willowgate Trout Fishery is relatively new and just a stones throw from Perth, nestling on the banks of the Tay.  It’s approx. 9.5 acres and its cyrstal clear water should pose a challenge.  Although it’s a damp start, the forecast is due to improve and we should see some good surface action later in the day.  The cloud cover should remain, but I’m thankful for the breeze as that will help with the casting and give the fish the courage to attack our flies.

They appear very pleased with themselves and its always a good start to the day when you hear those three magic words, hotel packed lunch!

We arrive at Willowgate Trout Fishery, but this isn’t what the guys are looking for, they fancy something a bit more wild, so I make a couple of phone calls are we’re off again.  This is what The Scottish Salmon Guide and River & Green are all about, ensuring customer satisfaction.

We head north for a short distance and arrive at the new destination, Ledcrieff Fisheries, which are made up of Ledcrieff Loch and Lairds Loch.  Ledcreiff Loch is only a few miles from Couper Angus, the loch is stocked with Rainbow Trout and holds a decent head of small wild brownies, I fished here in the past when it was under different ownership.

This has to be the exact opposite to Willowgate, but it truly is a stunning location, halfway up a hill, tree lined and almost wild, the fishing is hard though as the conditions aren’t good and there is a fair bit of weed about, never mind Giacomo and Marco are up for it.

We split the team and the competition begins, Doug is with Giacomo and I’ve got Marco.  Neither gentleman has fly fished before (mosca novizi di pescaso), needless to say the banks are looking a lot neater, as if someone has been strimming! 

The fishing is hard, there isn’t a lot of steady risers, the Reddington Rods and weight forward lines mean that it isn’t long before the guys are casting fairly decent lines.  By lunch time we’re still sitting at nil / nil, but all isn’t lost we still have a Hotal provided packed lunch and all is to play for in the second half.  Oh, every credit to The Tayside Hotel, a very good lunch.

We head of on our merry way in different directions, and right at the last gasp my rod Marco gets into his first ever fly caught fish, a cracking 1lb Rainbow Trout.  The fish put up a good account for itself, with some deep strong runs.  Marco il migliore trota pescatore.

All in all they had a ball, hopefully they’ll be back next year and we’ll get them in the improver class.

Tight Lines Stan

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