4th September 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

A much better start to the day for the Scholler’s, the River is sitting at 1ft 3 inches having dropped slightly through the night, with a light downstream breeze making the casting easier for these novices.  The Scholler’s decided to have a late start this morning, enjoying the Knockandarroch House breakfast before venturing down the Dalmarnock Fishings.

This morning we’re fishing the top of the beat, starting at the Dalmarnock Bank Pool, which in all honesty is looking fantastic, we’ve been here about an hour, haven’t seen a fish, but there is plenty of time.  With an hour or so to go before lunch I decide to take Christof Scholler down to the tail of the Dalmarnock Bank Pool, we quickly see a couple of Grilse and it doesn’t take long before the 28g Black and Gold Tiger Toby has connected with a nice Grilse of between 5 and 6lb’s.  The fish fights well in the current and after a couple of leaps and runs we’re left with a lack line!  Oh well, time to head back to the hut for lunch.

 After lunch to guys headed down to the Fernie Haugh, then onto the Ram’s Horn and The Oak Tree Pool.  We saw a couple, but unfortunately no further excitement.

A great father and son combo, really nice spending a couple of days with them and I hope they come back next year.

Tight Lines Stan

3rd September 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

Today (and tomorrow) I’m guiding on behalf of River & Green at Dalmarnock Fishings.  The guests today were a father and son team from Germany, the Scholler’s.

The Scholler’s were great company and fished hard all day, even the strong wind didn’t put them off.  We never managed a fish, but there were reports from downstream of fish moving through the system, so fingers crossed for tomorrow.


Tight Lines Stan


24th August 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

Today I was very fortunate to be asked to help out at Dalmarnock Fishings with the ladies that made up the Janet Braisted Party.  A great bunch of girls, that quickly under the watching eye of Colin and myself were soon making some tidy loops across the Tay.

I’m back again tomorrow with them, so hopefully the Tay will be good to them and give up some silver, they certainly deserve it after their hard work today.  Watch this space!

Tight Lines Stan


31st July 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

Back at Dalmarnock Fishings today covering for Colin.  What a fantastic day, I’ll not name check everyone, but a special thanks to the team for making it a great day out and a brilliant lunch!

Neil Sinclair had a brief encounter, but otherwise we never managed a fish!!  Some superb casting was on show today by Malcolm Anderson (Caledonia Fly Company Limited), John Legg (Guide Fly Fishing), Simon Gawesworth, Brand Manager at (Rio Products) and Chris Anderson Sage Technical Service Manager, not forgetting Craig and Joyce Neilson.

photo photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6 photo7

30th July 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

Well I’d love to say another fantastic day at Dalmarnock Fishings with the Tragham Spring Syndicate, but that would upset Andrew Sutherland!  Andrew did a fantastic job hooking at cracking 12b’r in the Stepps Pool, he played it like an expert and as I was getting ready to tail it his leader snapped … Oh, I feel for him.  It happens to us all Andrew.

photo4 photo7


24th July 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

Today I’m hosting a party of friends at Dalmarnock Fishings, something I am truely looking forward too.  We’re all there a bit too early, but thankfully Colin isn’t too long behind us.


The plan was for the team to assemble at the Dalmarnock hut at 08:30!  Fen Howieson has arrived bringing with him a dozen rolls and a slab of Slice Sausage (Lorne Sausage, Square Sausage for my “non Scottish followers).  As we tackle up, Colin McFadyen (Dalmarnock Fishings Ghillie) gets to work in his kitchen preparing Breakfast.

The forecast isn’t great, dry in the morning and rain due in the afternoon, so we’ll see what happens.  The River is running at 0.75 on the SEPA website, about 2 foot above summer level on Colin gauge.  The river is beginning to settle again following the 12 foot flood last Friday, so it’s not going to be impossible, but it won’t be easy, that’s for sure.

Fen is the first tackled up and quickly heads in for breakfast (say no more)!  He’s definitely setup for Grilse, 15ft Guideline Le Cie rod, Mackenzie DTX 10/11 Floater, 10ft fast sinking poly leader fishing a Sunray Shadow, hence why I know he’s going for the Grilse.  Too be sure he’s hoping to be allocated the top of the Beat.

Next is Andrew Sutherland, 14ft Greys rod, 9/10 Rio Outbound floater, 10ft fast sinking poly leader and a size 8 Cascade, tied on a treble, he’s also thrown up his spinning rod, with a 30g Silver and Copper Salmo.  Malcolm Bennett and Simon Lewis are due up at lunchtime, at which point I’ll have a full team.

With breakfast consumed we head up to the Dalmarnock Bank Pool at the top of the Beat, Andrew is first in, heading up to the Silver Birch and starts to fish down the pool.  He’s throwing a lovely line across the pool and Fen and I sit there with the dogs while Andrew try his luck.



Once Andrew is half way down the pool, Fen jumps in at the back of him and gets the Sunray Shadow fishing.  Andrew comes out at the boat and grabs his spinning rod and starts fishing down through the Croys, the salmon appear to prefer the spinner, with Andrew getting a couple of pulls at the second croy.

Fen and I leave Andrew to continue down the pool, as we head down to Stepps, there is a really nice flow through Stepps and we’re pretty confident.  After about 30 minutes, Fen has fished through the pool and not even a tug!  Andrew has arrived now and starts to fish the pool too.  Nothing doing for Andrew, but he does see a nice running fish, hard in on the gravel bank at Stepps.

IMG_2100 IMG_2101

This is Daisy’s first trip fishing and as you can see she’s a real pleasure to fish with, running up and down the bank playing with her ball.  Unlike Mack, the barking bailiff as he’s known down in Edinburgh.  It’s time to head back, so we have a pleasant walk through the woods, Colin has got the beat looking great.



As we arrive at the Dalmarnock Bank Pool, Malcolm Bennett has already started making his way down the neck of the pool, so we sit for a while and chew the fat, then head back to the hut for a spot of late lunch.

IMG_2105 IMG_2107

Once refuelled, the troops head back up to the top of the Beat, it’s more of the same with the guys hoping that the change in light will make the difference.  Colin has joined us and because we’re all friends starts to cut the grass.


The Dalmarnock Bank Pool and Stepps are well covered, but no fish are caught by the team, thankfully as the guys start to finish and get their tackle away, the heavens open bringing an end to another fantastic fun day at Dalmarnock Fishings.

Contact Information

Dalmarnock Fishings

Colin McFadyen 07981-811403 or colin@dalmarnockfishings.co.uk


29th June 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

Today was the visit of Johnny Ross, the winner of one of the Help for Heroes prizes that Dalmarnock Fishings and I had contributed to Lucy Bowden’s auction.

What a fantastic bunch of guys, really good company and both Colin and I are delighted they had a great day and even managed a Salmon.  Well done Johnny, a cracking 8lb silver cock fish from Sowerby on a 30g copper salmo fished upstream.

Really looking forward to fishing with these guys again.  Johnny is going to send me the photo’s later.


25th June 2015 – Dalmarnock Fishings

Once again it was the visit of the Tragham Spring Syndicate to Dalmarnock Fishings, as usual the “dream team” arrived about 09:30 and spent the next hour drinking coffee and chewing the fat.  The chat was fantastic, however, so I’m not complaining.

Despite the fantastic conditions today we ended up fishless, however there was a bit of action for both Kenny Tragham and Andrew Sutherland, with them both bumping fish today.

Tip Of The Day – With the warmer, bright, low water conditions that normally occur this time of the year, try fishing early in the morning and later into the evening.  Spend the hours of 9 – 5 in the hut with your ghillie and friends and enjoy the banter!

Steps Pool
Steps Pool
Neck of The Dalmarnock Pool
Neck of The Dalmarnock Pool
Kenny Tragham & Andrew Sutherland
Kenny Tragham & Andrew Sutherland

Dalmarnock Fishings

It’s the turn of the Scottish Salmon Guide’s IT Department, after weeks of hard work building the website, social media sites and links I have decided to let them fish.  So, Fen Howieson and Chris Plank are being let loose at Dalmarnock (for the evening only, I wouldn’t want to spoil them).

They arrived at Dalmarnock Fishings about 17:00 meeting Fishery Owner And Head Ghillie Colin McFadyen.  The mighty Tay was running at just under 4 foot above summer, but as usual crystal clear.  Fen’s setup was his 14′ 8″ Guideline Le Cie 10/11 with a MacKenzie DTX 10/11 Flooter, 10′ fast sinking polyleader and a cone head Cascade tube with a size 8 double hook.  Chris’s setup was his Loop Adventurer 10/11, Rio AFS Outbound shooting head with a size 6 Cascade treble.


Oak Tree Pool

Under the careful instruction from Colin, they were asked to fish the bottom of the Beat, starting at the Bridge, fishing down to the lie at the tail of the Oak Tree Pool.

The wind was a nightmare, strong and gusting upstream, so it was not a good night for fly fishing, but the team persevered fishing down the pool a couple of times.  Nothing important to report, but they did see one fish showing about 3/4 of the way down the pool.  They even had time to play with the slow motion setting on their iPhone’s, sending me a copy of Fen performing a snap T, typical techies!  However, it was quite cool footage watching the water flying of the line.


Dalmarnock Pool
The rods were strapped to the Land Rovers and the guys headed to the top of the beat to fish the Dalmarnock Pool.  There was a good hatch of flies, so the Brown Trout and Black-headed gulls were getting a right good feed!

They gradually made their way down the pool, to the tail, without even a pull, one fish showed just below the third croy, but didn’t like the look of the guys flies.  So, by the time they’d reached the neck of Willies Hole it was time for them to head off.  

Dalmarnock Pool

As usual the craic was good and my thanks to Colin for looking after the guys.

Dalmarnock Fishings

Colin McFadyen 07981-811403 or colin@fish-Tay.com


The final Spring week of 2015 is coming to an end and it’s been another bumper week on the Tay, with more than 100 Springers reported so far this week.  I’m pretty confident that once the stats are gathered this year the Tay will have caught more fish during May than the five year average.  Long may this continue, it’s also pleasing to see fish returning in numbers to the rest of Scotland, so fingers crossed.

Today I’ll be popping into Dalmarnock Fishings, to oil the joints and sort out my fly collection for my trip to Braelangwell Lodge on the Carron next week.  Looking forward to meeting Finlay and hopefully he get fed up netting fish next week! …. heavy rain due on Sunday, so the anticipation is growing every hour!

Stan Pelc

Happy Friday and Tight Lines Stan