Scottish Salmon Guide
Scottish Salmon Guide

“We had a fantastic two days with Stan and his hospitality and customer service were excellent the whole beat is well looked after and Stan made sure everyone had a good chance of catching. We will be going back to dalguise and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Stan for a great time.” – Robin Al and Tim

“We were let down by a local taxi firm but Stan managed to pull out all the stops to get us back to our hotel.” – Robin Ansell Sept 2010

“Following our week at Dalguise last week I would be grateful if you would pass on my thanks to Mr Skene for giving visitors the continued opportunity to fish his beat. It was also nice to see him again and I hope he has some success with the 2 flies he liked the look of from my box!  Could you also pass on my thanks to Stan for a most enjoyable week (even though the weather and water conspired against us).Having fished there for 7 years now I can honestly say that Stan makes the trip each time. He is a fine Ghillie and I am proud to call him a friend.The beat was in superb order and I look forward to my next trip with great enthusiasm.” – John Stevenson Oct 2013

Trout and Salmon October 1999
Trout and Salmon October 1999

“I’ve fished with Stan for over twenty five years since he was Head Ghillie at Dunkeld House and I was a complete beginner. I then followed him to Dalguise, as whether you are a single rod or a party of six, Stan treats you as an individual and ensures that all are treated fairly and courteously and get to fish the beat to best advantage depending on both preference of method and ability. No one works harder to get you into fish and he does so with great good humour and skill. Every day on the river with Stan is a joy and I look forward to many more.” – Simon Lewis Dec 2014

“One of the most knowledgeable and professional ghillies you can meet in Scotland ; huge depth of experience and the best company to have with you on bank or boat.” – Kenny Tragham Dec 2014

“Friendly , charming , witty and extremely knowledgeable ! A day spent with Stan is a great experience.” – Andrew Sutherland Dec 2014

“Raconter, wit and fantastic fisher – Even if there are no fish in the river, to be in the company of Stan guarantees a great day out [no matter what the weather]. I’ve fished throughout Scotland with Stan and we’ve had some adventures and hopefully there are lots more to come. If you want the best fishing experience; call Stan, the ‘Scottish Salmon Guide‘.” – Malcolm Bennett Feb 2014

“Thurs 20 Aug – Upper Farleyer:  After enjoying success with the spinning rod earlier in the season and having forsaken the fly rod due to a lack of confidence in my casting, I sought Stan’s the benefit of his vast experience and requested some coaching in order to ensure that my new rod and line combinations were suitably balanced.

After a few early casts, Stan quickly identified that I was over compensating for poor combinations of rod, line and sink-tip. Once these were rectified and with his relaxed and humorous instruction, I was soon casting a full shooting-head and within the day a fair amount of running line also. Even better, my casts went where I wanted them to go with proper turn-over!

I don’t usually respond well to constant supervision but with Stan it was just a day out fishing with an old friend chatting on the bank but offering encouragement and nuggets of pure gold when it came to advice on technique. I have never fished so consistently or enjoyably (most importantly) with the double-handed rod and I now can cast all day without embarrassing myself or getting tired and frustrated at my inability to cover the water properly.

It was worth every penny and time spent with Stan and he has ensured that I will enjoy my fly fishing for many years to come. If you need a lesson whether at beginner level or as an improvement clinic, Stan’s the man!” Simon Lewis August 2015